Introduction: New Pathways for Network Validation Participation

The Delegation mechanism of the Lumoz network provides a new way for ordinary users and those holding zkVerifier Node Licenses but choosing not to run nodes themselves to participate in network validation. Through this mechanism, users can participate more flexibly in the network validation process and earn rewards from it.

  1. Delegation Participation for Ordinary Users: Ordinary users can choose zkVerifier Nodes they trust and participate in network validation by delegating esMOZ tokens. Users will have the opportunity to receive rewards from the activities of the delegated nodes that maintain the network, without the need to run nodes directly.

  2. Flexible Choices for License Holders: Users holding zkVerifier Node Licenses can also choose not to operate nodes themselves but instead delegate their licenses to trusted zkVerifier Node operators. Through this method, License holders can also share the rewards generated from node operation.

  3. Transparency of Operator Performance: Different Node operators perform differently in the network, resulting in varying income. The Lumoz network provides detailed data on operator performance, allowing users to make wise choices based on this information and select the best-performing operators for delegation.

The Lumoz network, through the Delegation mechanism, aims to lower the barrier for user participation in network validation while increasing the decentralization and overall operational efficiency of the network. We encourage users to actively participate, compare the performance of different operators, and choose the nodes that best suit their needs for delegation, thereby promoting the healthy development of the Lumoz ecosystem.

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