The Lumoz Network, leveraging its deep research and continuous innovation in the zero-knowledge (ZK) field, has significantly reduced the costs and participation barriers of zero-knowledge computing, opening the door for a wide range of users to engage with cutting-edge computing technologies. By joining the Lumoz zero-knowledge computing network, users have multiple flexible options:

  1. zkVerifier Node: Plays a crucial role in the Lumoz network, responsible for rigorously validating the computation processes and results of the zkProver Node. This process ensures the accuracy of the computation results and the reliability of the network, serving as a key element in maintaining the integrity of the entire system.

  2. zkProver Node: Acts as the computational engine of the network, responsible for executing tasks within the Lumoz network and generating corresponding ZKPs or ZKFPs. These proofs not only verify the correct execution of tasks but also ensure the privacy and security of information during the process.

zkVerifier Node Explained

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