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What's Lumoz

Lumoz is the leading Modular Compute Layer and ZK-RaaS platform. Lumoz uses PoW mining mechanism to provide ZKP arithmetic for ZK-Rollup. It employs a hybrid consensus mechanism combining PoS and PoW. This platform offers a unique feature for Web3 developers, namely, the ability to generate zkEVM application chains with a single click. The multitude of ZK-Rollups brings about a substantial need for computational power, creating a beneficial mining environment for global miners.

The notion of L2 is widely recognized in scalability solutions. However, L2 doesn't adequately manage diverse types of hardware resources such as data availability, ZKP computational power, or packaging nodes. Furthermore, operating an L2, especially a ZK-Rollup, requires considerable hardware maintenance costs and a high level of technical proficiency, which can be off-putting for many developers. To address these challenges, Lumoz introduced the ZK-RaaS concept. This service allows developers to launch their zkEVM chains within a minute, without needing detailed knowledge about ZK or chain nodes. Lumoz also introduced the ZK-PoW concept, inviting miners to participate in maintaining zkEVM and calculating ZKPs.

Lumoz's objective is to simplify ZK-Rollup usage and promote its wider adoption, thus facilitating the large-scale deployment of zkEVM-based application chains. Developers can deploy their ZK-Rollup (zkEVM) across multiple chains with a single click. For miners, Lumoz serves as a multi-chain PoW protocol, supporting ZK mining and generating zero-knowledge proofs for ZK-Rollups across various public chains.

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