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What's Lumoz

The Lumoz Network, as a globally distributed modular computing network, combines with the DePIN network to offer a powerful, secure, and flexible computing platform for users worldwide. Lumoz Network is dedicated to providing advanced zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) services, supporting the development of Rollup networks, and delivering robust computational power for cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). Facing the current challenges of computational costs in the zero-knowledge computing field, Lumoz Network leverages its extensive experience in the ZKP domain, innovating and optimizing circuits and algorithms to significantly enhance computational efficiency. This effectively addresses the high costs and low efficiency issues faced by Rollup projects, while also lowering the barriers for ordinary users to participate in the ZK computing market.

Our upcoming zkVerifier Node will bring unprecedented convenience to users. With just a standard server, users can easily join and participate in the zero-knowledge computation verification process on the Lumoz Network. Lumoz significantly reduces the participation threshold, enabling more people to conveniently join the Lumoz DePIN network, collectively maintaining the network's security and efficiency, while also enjoying the rewards and incentives provided by the network.

The Lumoz Network is committed to making zero-knowledge computation more efficient and accessible, providing an open and fair DePIN computing platform for users worldwide.

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