MOZ Token: The Core Asset of the Lumoz Network.

The MOZ token is the native token of the Lumoz network, playing a crucial role in various key areas of the network:

  • All transactions conducted within the Lumoz network require MOZ tokens as transaction fees (Gas).

  • Utilizing the zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) computation and artificial intelligence (AI) services provided by the Lumoz network requires payment of MOZ tokens as resource usage fees.

  • MOZ tokens can be exchanged for esMOZ tokens at a 1:1 ratio to adapt to a wider range of application scenarios.

esMOZ Token: Symbol of Incentives and Participation.

The esMOZ token plays a significant role in the ecosystem of the Lumoz network:

  • As a reward for nodes providing computational power, security, and stability to the Lumoz network (including zkProver and zkVerifier nodes), esMOZ tokens serve as recognition and feedback for participants and contributors.

  • esMOZ tokens are used in the network's delegation mechanism, acting as tokens for participating in delegation and promoting decentralized governance of the network.

  • esMOZ tokens can be redeemed for MOZ tokens based on different redemption periods, with the redemption rate varying according to the length of the redemption period.

Example of redeeming esMOZ to MOZ:

  • 100 esMOZ, 10-day redemption period, redemption rate of 100%: 100 MOZ.

  • 100 esMOZ, 7-day redemption period, redemption rate of 80%: 80 MOZ.

  • 100 esMOZ, 3-day redemption period, redemption rate of 50%: 50 MOZ.

  • 100 esMOZ, 1-day redemption period, redemption rate of 10%: 10 MOZ.

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