Why zkVerifier Node

Lumoz Network, as a pioneer in decentralized computing, undertakes the critical responsibility of managing the entire network's data input and output. We perform a series of precise operations on the data, including aggregation, computation, and validation, covering various fields such as blockchain transaction data and AI model training data. The processed data results are impartially published to the blockchain, ensuring transparency and fairness in data dissemination and providing a solid foundation for the healthy development of the entire ecosystem.

To ensure the security, accuracy, and decentralization of the data processing process and its results, Lumoz Network introduces a mechanism of verification nodes. The core mission of these nodes is to review and verify every step and outcome of data processing to safeguard the security and interests of user data. Data verified by verification nodes will be officially recorded on the blockchain. However, relying entirely on third-party verification systems still has limitations that may affect the fairness of network value distribution. Therefore, Lumoz actively advocates and promotes community participation in the verification process to enhance the network's self-regulatory capabilities.

Lumoz aims for a highly transparent, thoroughly decentralized, and censorship-resistant verification network. In such a network, at least two-thirds of the nodes should maintain integrity, accurately publish data, and have the ability to identify, report, and prevent improper data behavior. We are tirelessly advancing towards this goal and globally inviting community members to participate in the operation of verification nodes.

Looking ahead to the second half of 2024, Lumoz's verification nodes will shoulder even greater responsibilities. They will serve as a universal verification protocol on the chain, providing data verification services to a wider range of enterprises and users and continuously creating value in the process. We will continue to optimize the responsibility allocation and functionality settings of verification nodes to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the entire network. Lumoz sincerely invites the global community to join hands with us in creating a more prosperous computing future.

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