License is the official recognition of zkVerifier Node identity, serving as a necessary binding condition when setting up a zkVerifier Node. To ensure the quality and decentralization of the network, we have set a limit of 100,000 licenses. These licenses exist in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), ensuring the uniqueness and non-replicability of each license.

The introduction of NFTs not only provides secure digital ownership proof for licenses but also allows licenses to be freely transferred among users. This flexibility gives users complete control over zkVerifier Nodes, enabling them to buy, sell, or transfer their licenses according to market demand and personal preferences.

Importantly, when a zkVerifier Node transfers its held license to another party, the node will no longer be eligible to receive any form of reward from the Lumoz network. This mechanism aims to encourage long-term network participation and contribution while ensuring fairness and transparency in network reward distribution.

Through the License system, the Lumoz network aims to establish a stable, efficient, and user-friendly environment for zkVerifier Node operation. We welcome and encourage active participation from the global community to collectively maintain and promote the continuous development and prosperity of the Lumoz ecosystem.

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