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Building on Exclusive zkEVM

Quickly Start

1) Get testnet token

Step 1: Add Lumoz network to your wallet.
Step 2: Complete the Google form in advance to apply as a developer. See details
Step 3: Enter the Lumoz Discord and check the whitelist.
Step 4: Whitelisted developers can access the developer's faucet channel in the Lumoz Discord community.

2) Launch your own zkEVM on the ZK-Rollup LaunchBase

Step 5: Enter the ZK-Rollup LaunchBase after you received Testnet MOZ.
Step 6: Launch your ZK-Rollup chain by following the LaunchBase prompts.
Step 7: Now you got your ZK-Rollup chain、Block explorer and Bridge.

3) Deploy your application

Step 8: Add the ZK-Rollup network to your wallet.
Step 9: Bridge your assets from Lumoz chain to your ZK-Rollup chain through the Rollup Bridge.
Step 11: Switch the network to the your own zkEVM in MetaMask
Step 12: Deploy your application(Remix Docs
Here is a Video about how to launch a rollup.