Migrate to another Rollup

How to migrate your miner to another Rollup?

Step 1: Withdraw your staking from the old Rollup.
  • Confirm in your wallet
Step 2: Stop your miner and clear the data of old Rollup.
  • Enter into your aggregator server
  • Change to the project directory of the aggregator service cd 'directory of your aggregator service'
  • Use the command sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml down to stop the miner and clear the data (Once you have executed the command, the data of the old Rollup will be gone. Make sure you have submitted all of your pending proofs. And if you need to run a miner on the old Rollup again, you will need to re-synchronize the data.)
Step 3: Follow Set up prover to run a new miner on the new rollup.