Prepare the prover service(s)


Download prover-config.tar

tar -xzvf prover_conf.tar
The .tar file includes:
  • prover.config.json -- A JSON config file of the prover image
  • docker-compose.yml -- A docker-compose YAML file

Download prover-keys.tar

tar -xzvf prover_keys.tgz
The .tar file includes a config directory, inside which are
  • Files used for zero-knowledge setup keys, note that this might take 80~100GB of storage space
Please put the above files under one directory

Download zkprover image


Load the image

sudo docker load < zkprover.tar

Modify the config file

To ensure that you are running a prover that can correctly connect to your aggregator service, remember to modify these parts of the JSON config file prover.config.json
You need to modify the "aggregatorClientHost" , "databaseURL"
"runAggregatorServer": false,
"runAggregatorClient": true,
// optional, to identify this prover in aggregator's log
"proverName": "test-prover1",
// the port of your aggregator service, default 50081
"aggregatorServerPort": 50081,
"aggregatorClientPort": 50081,
// the ip address of your aggregator service
"aggregatorClientHost": "",
// your state db url, normally you only need to change the ip address
"databaseURL": "postgresql://prover_user:[email protected]:5432/prover_db",