Update aggregator

What's New?

How to Update?

Step 1: Clear the old image
rm zkevm-node.tar
Step 2: Download and load the new zkevm-node image
wget; sudo docker load < zkevm-node.tar
Step 3: Change to your working directory (where the config files are) and restart your services with the new image seperately
cd workdir
sudo docker stop zkevm-sync; sudo docker rm zkevm-sync; sudo docker-compose up -d zkevm-sync
sudo docker stop zkevm-eth-tx-manager; sudo docker rm zkevm-eth-tx-manager; sudo docker-compose up -d zkevm-eth-tx-manager
sudo docker stop zkevm-aggregator; sudo docker rm zkevm-aggregator; sudo docker-compose up -d zkevm-aggregator
Step 4: Check your server status
sudo docker ps -a
sudo docker logs -f zkevm-aggregator --tail 100
Step 5: Check whether your prover (in other machines, not the aggregator one) is running normally. (Provers might exit if no signal from aggregator is received for a long time).
sudo docker ps -a
If you see 'STATUS: EXIT', please restart your prover.
sudo docker restart zkevm-prover