Running on Goerli

If you are running provers for rollups based on Goerli, please follow this guide.

Preparing Goerli ETH

To run on Goerli, you must guarantee your operator account (who sends proofs and gains rewards) has enough Goerli ETH to pay the gas fee. There are many ways to collect Goerli ETH. This doc guides you to swap Goerli ETHs with MOZ.
  1. 1.
    Apply some MOZs from Lumoz Discord Faucet
  2. 2.
    Go to SideSwap, connect your wallet, and switch the network to Lumoz Alpha Testnet. Then swap some WETHs with your MOZ
If you cannot see WETH in the token list, try clicking "Change" at the bottom of the token list menu and adding the default list
  1. 3.
    Once you receive WETH, bridge both WETH and enough MOZ (for staking) them from Lumoz Test to Goerli Testnet via Lumoz Bridge

Preparing Stable Goerli RPC Endpoint

Before setting up your zkSync Era external node, you should prepare a stable Goerli testnet RPC endpoint.
You can build up your own Goerli node, or refer to RPC services like Infura and Alchemy.
Your RPC URL is required in the process of setting up provers