Set up L1 archive node


OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (amd64) and above
CPU: 4+ cores @ 2.8+ GHz
Memory: 16GB+ RAM
Storage: 2TB storage space

Port configuration

Refer to Port Configuration


cd workdir
wget -c && tar -C ./ -xzf testnet-auto-install-archive.tar.gz && chmod +x -R ./testnet-auto-install-archive && cd ./testnet-auto-install-archive && ./

Waiting for synchronization

You can check the sync status through the control-panel
cd testnet-auto-install-archive/opside-chain
bash ./
Enter intex: 5
Enter index: 1
Or you can also pull the log by

Connect to your archive node

After the node is fully synced, you can make your aggregator service connect to the node by modifying the node.config.toml file
Notice that is just for example.
url = '' # your intranet ip + rpc port, default is 8545
Restart the aggregator service if there are already running aggregator services.
sudo docker restart zkevm-sync; sudo docker restart zkevm-aggregator; sudo docker restart zkevm-eth-tx-manager;