Validators (PoS)

What's a validator

A validator is a virtual entity that lives on Lumoz and participates in the consensus of the Lumoz protocol. Validators are represented by a balance, public key, and other properties. A validator client is the software that acts on behalf of the validator by holding and using its private key. A single validator client can hold many key pairs, controlling many validators.

Validator rewards

Validators are good for Lumoz chain, they receive the rewards when secure Lumoz.

How to be a validator

To participate as a validator, users must deposit a certain amount of MOZ into the deposit contract and run three separate pieces of software: the execution client, consensus client, and validator. Validators are responsible for verifying the validity of new blocks propagated through the network and occasionally creating and propagating new blocks themselves. If a validator behaves dishonestly or negligently, the staked MOZ will be forfeited.
You can easily run a validator through the Validator Launchpad.