Create more validators with existing mnemonic

cd ./testnet-auto-install-v3/opside-chain &&

Step 2: Choose 6. Validator Management

Please select the function you need
1. Switch synchronization mode
2. Restart the clients
3. Stop the clients
4. View node logs
5. Display node status
6. Validator Management
7. Clean up local chain data
8. View local data
9. File update
Enter index:6

Step 3: Choose 1. Add Validators

1. Add Validators
Enter index: 1

Step 4: Choose 2. Import an existing mnemonic

Select the mnemonic import type:
1. Create a new mnemonic
2. Import an existing mnemonic
Enter index[1]: 2

Step 5: Enter the number of validators that you want to create(such as 10)

Select the number of validators to create
Enter num[1]: 10

Step 6: Follow the CLI prompts to generate your keys.

Step 7: When you come to here

Enter the index (key number) you wish to start generating more keys from.
For example, if you've generated 4 keys in the past, you'd enter 4 here. [0]:5
If you already have 5 validators(I mean you have generated 5 validator keys with the existing mnemonic), enter '5'

Step 8: Deposit

Deposit to your new validators here, The deposit_data-[timestamp].json is located in directory testnet-auto-install-v3/validator_keys/.