Validators migration

Step 1: Makesure you have backuped the mnemonic (24 words)

Step 2: Install V3 in your new VPS

Step 3: When you come to

Select the mnemonic import type:
1. Create a new mnemonic
2. Import an existing mnemonic
Enter index[1]:2
Enter 2 to Import your mnemonic.

Step 4:

Select the number of validators to create
Enter num[1]:
Enter the number of validators that you want to migrate, assume that you have 5 validators
  • If you just want to migrate your 5 validators to the new VPS, Enter 5
  • If you want to add more validators, like other 3 new validators, enter '3'

Step 5: Follow the CLI prompts to generate your keys.

Step 6: When you come to

Enter the index (key number) you wish to start generating more keys from.
For example, if you've generated 4 keys in the past, you'd enter 4 here. [0]:
Assume that you have 5 validators.
  • In 'Step 4', If you migrated your validators, enter '0' here(Default)
  • In 'Step 4', If you added more validators, enter '5' here(the number of validators you already have)

Step 7: Deposit

In 'Step 4', If you added more validators, you need to deposit IDE to them. The deposit_data-[timestamp].json is located in directory testnet-auto-install-v3/validator_keys/.
  1. 2.
    Check if the local public key matches the one you previously staked.(Consensus Explorer)