zkVerifier Lumoz Points Campaign


40 million Lumoz points. Lasting for 40 days with 1 million points distributed daily.


From 25th June to 4th Aug

How to get rewards

These points are evenly allocated to users who purchase zkVerifier Node Licenses and stake them. The points can be exchanged for mainnet tokens after the TGE.

Team Bonus

When staking licenses, you can choose to join a team or create one. The more licenses staked by a team, the higher its level. When distributing Lumoz points, teams receive greater weightage based on their level.

One team has a maximum limit of 50 members.

  • Iron Team: 1-50 licenses, 0.5% weightage

  • Bronze Team: 51-100 licenses, 1.5% weightage

  • Silver Team: 101-300 licenses, 3% weightage

  • Gold Team: 301-600 licenses, 5% weightage

  • Platinum Team: 601-1200 licenses, 8% weightage

  • Diamond Team: 1201+ licenses, 12% weightage

Reward Calculation

Calculate the weight of each staked address and the total weight of all staked addresses every minute. Distribute the Lumoz Points produced in that minute based on the proportion of each staked address's weight.

The weight of each staked address is determined by the number of licenses currently staked at that address, plus any bonuses from the team to which the address belongs.

Weight of an address: Staked licenses amount + Staked licenses amount * Team weightage

How to Participate?

Step1: Purchase your license.(You will receive test NFT in Sepolia testnet)

Step2: Go to stake page

Step3: Connect wallet

Step4: Enter the license amount you plan to stake

Step5: Join a team with a team code or create your team

Step6: Confirm

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